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There are many accommodation properties in town, we have links to most of them here on the #lovemallacoota web site. 

Hotel / Motels

Traditional nightly Accommodation


Typically several nights and  BYO Linen.

Flats/ Units / Etc

All Other options. 


About Us

This page is under development and will be the go to page for helping you to have the best holiday possible in the stunning seaside village of Mallacoota Victoria. It is part of the #lovemallacoota promotion by #mallacoota2020

The project is funded by Colin Dixon's business and any contributions for support are welcome.  See this Page for how to support this project. 

Happy customers

Ron Waters


I'd go bushwalking, stroll along the beach, go fishing or birdwatching, take some photos grab a coffee.

I love this place so much ❤️

Olivia Whittam


Irene Wright

Rosedale Vic

Loved viewing this site Colin and all you have to offer, wish you well.

I holiday at Malacoota site 53 unpowered and love it. We spend 7 weeks .

John Templeton


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